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Perrie Mundy


Welcome to The Perrie Mundy Group, your 5-star concierge boutique Specializing in Redlands Estate & Cottage Properties Within this wonderful bedroom community of Redlands and the ever changing market, Perrie Mundy continues to remain on top. Perrie has been a Real Estate Broker representing both buyers and sellers for over 35 years with unparalleled local market expertise and business negotiation skills. After owning her own Real Estate firm, Perrie realized her greatest joy was personal interaction with her clients who become "family" creating a steadfast referral base. Her passion for Real Estate is part of her soul, continually going the extra mile. Her enthusiasm is always positive. Her staff is highly trained, motivated, committed, and always available. Perrie´s highest priority is customer service and the satisfaction of her clients. For maximum clientele exposure she consistently maintains sensational advertising. Recently certified for the Luxury Home Market and DRS Agent this outstanding accomplishment earned through knowledge, experience, and providing total quality service always. Perrie Mundy believes in every economic downturn there are golden opportunities. Won´t you allow Perrie to lead you to yours? We encourage you to call The Perrie Mundy Group today, where business is handled with the up-most respect and confidentiality. The Perrie Mundy Group is located in a 100 year old Victorian building at 214 East Olive Avenue, Redlands, CA 92373